I am triumphant!

The infamous rat shed is clean!!!!! The saga may near be over!

8:30 am pest control comes out - he's serious this time, we're getting a handle on this situation maam! We're going to go under the house above the house and around the house and seal it off - they will not get in anymore! Hallelujah!

I think he was serious because when he opened the shed a mouse lurched at him, he flinched back and hit is face on my hanging planter - no worries he apologized for using such foul language- I told him God had heard a lot worse and a lot more often from me over the last few years because of that damn shed...

I was given my orders - I was to have the shed cleaned out by noon tomorrow - dumdumdum

11:30 post on Facebook that I have to clean the shed - send out requests of prayers, double up on my meds and call the hospital on my insurance - can I make a reservation in the psych ward for tonight?

Noon - text from Dean "do you need help with the shed" HELL YES!!! See you this afternoon.

2pm Dean shows up and the show starts - basically while he cleaned out the shed I stood quaking in the yard after I realized standing in the corner of the back porch was causing my blood pressure to sky rocket!

Dead, live and rodent skeletons - we had them all... I did better than expected I only scared Dean twice - once was when a roach went over my foot and I was sure it was a mouse. Hyperventilated once, screamed several times and cursed periodically - all in all a good day!

Quote of the day - Dean: I think you're good with that box, there's only enough room for them to poop, not to live.

LOTS went to the dump - or will as soon as someone makes it over to my house to cart it off since alot of it is still in the backyard - Go Samford & Sons!

But it's DONNNNEEE!!! Afterwards I took a very hot shower and laid on the couch with a beer - if I had had something stronger I would have used it - my nerves were shot!

PS I have never seen so much rodent shit in my life!!!


    On 9:37 AM kimmie said...

    I'm so proud of you!!! I know how hard that must have been. Remind me to tell you about the infestation in our office later....

    Basically, I've vacated my cubicle for the last week.

    On 8:57 PM Stephrs said...

    I never thought I would see the day!

    The cockroach alone would have been enough to send me over the edge. :)

    On 7:59 AM Nicole said...

    You made me laugh out loud. Glad you will no longer be plagued by the rodent shit.

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